3 Roadside Skills You Should Know



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Flat tyres, overheating engines and dead batteries are amongst some of the most common issues that vehicles have. These can be a bit of a stress, especially when you don’t know what to do. But, luckily for you, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you out of those sticky situations in no time!

It is important to possess the right skills to be an efficient road user. Knowing 3 basic roadside skills can be of great help in a difficult situation while driving on the road. These include understanding behind the wheel basics, being able to use a lug wrench and knowing traffic signs.

Some basic roadside skills that every driver should know include changing a tire, jumpstarting a car, and checking and adding fluids to the car. In addition, drivers should also be familiar with basic traffic laws and safety regulations, such as obeying speed limits and traffic signs.

Knowing how to react in different driving situations and using the steering wheel and brake pedal effectively are also important driving skills that every driver should possess.

All of these are essential for safe & efficient driving, as they enable you to handle any situation that might arise on the road.Behind-the-wheel basics such as how to properly control the steering wheel and adjust mirrors correctly can give you more confidence and control when driving.

Learning how to use a lug wrench is also beneficial, as this will enable you to change a tire quickly and safely should you get a flat tire while on your journey. Lastly, it is important for drivers to know common traffic signs so they are aware of speed limits, turns, merge lanes etc. Knowing these 3 basic roadside skills will ensure that your journeys are safer and more successful!