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All our generators are either specifically chosen for the tough Australian environment and operation, or they are uniquely constructed to survive it. They are "built tough to last to ensure the greatest lifespan." They provide outstanding value for the money and are dependable and fuel-efficient. In Australia, it will be challenging to find a power generator for hire at a better price.

Made to Last: Based on quality, performance, reliability, lifespan, and safety, our generators are either designed by our in-house experts or carefully chosen from our trusted suppliers. Each model is rigorously tested after being constructed to ensure that it will function and sustain use in Australia's most demanding locations.

When you receive the mobile generator hire, it will be completely primed, and ready to use. Every genset is thoroughly examined by our staff and prepared with all fluids so that it is instantly usable after delivery.

Easy-to-Find Consumables: It can be a real nuisance if the consumables and parts you need to keep your generator in working order are difficult to locate months after purchase when your supplier stops carrying your model. Long after the warranty has expired, we will continue to sell our generator consumables like filters, or they are generally available.



All of your demands for generator servicing and maintenance are handled by Benchmark Diesel Generator Service. We have expert diesel generators for hire , that are committed to offering dependable and effective solutions for both new and old generators.

Align your assets with the one name that can be trusted when it comes to power generation maintenance. This name is used by businesses like construction, government utilities, emergency generator hire darwin services, data centers, and more. It is also used to maintain local government services and recognizable corporations all over Australia.

With customized preventative maintenance plans, you'll see an increase in the productivity of your assets, decreased downtime, and decreased maintenance expenses. Maintaining effective performance is crucial whether a generator is used regularly or is only kept on standby in case an emergency occurs.


Benchmark Diesel Services can provide you with a variety of diesel Generator hire darwin, including portable generators hire, from their wide selection of of generatore for hrie.We offer industry-leading generators for hire with a wide range from 2kVa to 2200kVa, providing the best solutions for all customers' requirements, from mining and construction hire needs to emergency power outages. 

Benchmark is the perfect solution for businesses who need reliable temporary power solutions. With an extensive range of generators, they bring electricity to any location and ensure that your business can operate smoothly.

They have years of experience in providing expert advice on generator hire and maintenance. Their experienced technicians are here to provide you with the most suitable generator for your needs, ensuring that you don’t waste time ormoney on unnecessary generator hire or servicing costs.

Benchmark is the go-to provider for businesses who need temporary power solutions – from small residential projects to large-scale commercial operations – they have the expertise and range of generators to handle any job.

When it comes to securing temporary power solutions, Benchmark Diesel's generator hire service is your trusted partner. Whether you're searching for "generator hire near me" or need a reliable source of electricity for an event or project, we have you covered.

Our extensive range of generators caters to diverse needs, ensuring that you have access to the right equipment no matter the scale of your requirements. From compact units suitable for small gatherings to robust industrial generators capable of powering construction sites, our expertise in generator hire allows us to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific demands.

At Benchmark Diesel, we understand the critical role temporary power plays in various situations. That's why we prioritize the quality and reliability of our generators. Our equipment undergoes regular inspection and stringent testing to guarantee optimal performance, minimizing the risk of downtime during your project or event.

When you choose our generator hire service, you're not just getting top-notch equipment; you're also benefiting from our responsive support team. We're here to assist you should any issues arise, ensuring that your temporary power needs are met without a hitch.

Whether you require temporary power for a few hours, days, or even weeks, Benchmark Diesel offers flexible rental terms to accommodate your schedule and budget. When you choose us for your generator hire needs, you're choosing a partner with the expertise to provide dependable electricity solutions whenever and wherever you need them.